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Internet of things new round of large potential demand for the development of fetal movement sensor industry
 Internet of things, also known as the sensor network was first proposed in the 1999 Mobile Computing and Networking International Conference, has become one of the most potential industry. In 2012, the market scale of China's Internet of Things industry reached 365 billion yuan, according to forecasts, will be more than one trillion yuan in 2017-level.

Part of the subdivision industry output has broken 100 billion

The nature of the Internet of Things the different entities connected with the network through a variety of means of communication (wired, wireless, satellite communications, etc.), using a variety of sensor technology (radio frequency identification chips, sensors, etc.) in order to achieve real-time information sharing, remote monitoring automatic alarm functions. With the development of modern sensor technology, embedded system technology, communication technology, big data technology to the stage of Things to greater development of data acquisition, transmission, processing, and other key technologies. Intelligent transportation, smart grid, smart security, smart medical have more mature applications, over the next three years, the Internet of Things has very broad prospects in industry, agriculture, environmental protection, food safety, government functions.

From the central and local governments since 2009 on the Internet of Things industry funding and policy were given a lot of support. In 2012, the Ministry of Industry has developed a collection of the "Internet of Things" 12th Five-Year "development plan", focus on training of Things industry 10 gathering areas and 100 backbone enterprises, the upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises and the integration of industry resources.

The cultivation of the policy, the Internet of Things industry in the past two years in the high-speed development, the number of segments industrial output value has exceeded 100 billion. 2010, China's Internet of Things value of around 190 billion. More than 360 billion in 2012, with an annual growth rate of close to 40%. Conservative estimates, the growth rate of core industry segments (such as sensors, etc.) in the next 3-5 years the Internet of Things will maintain a compound annual growth rate of more than 35%.

Potential sensor industry needs

Internet of things including the three-tier structure, were perceived layer, network layer and application layer.

Perception layer characteristics and status to reflect real-world use of various types of sensors, digitization and access to information; transport layer perception layer network transmission via the Internet, wired and wireless communication networks, etc. Get information; application layer, the use of cloud computing, data mining technology to quickly deal with the flood of information, access to appropriate services in accordance with the actual needs of the user.

China's information network and transmission infrastructure better average three operators or technical water system equipment manufacturers in the world advanced level. In perception layer sensor and chip manufacturing, integration is still relatively weak, relatively weak application layer mass of information processing technology and industry application services at the same time, the Internet of Things in 2012 the development of special funds to support the project, RFID, sensor both the application of technology, transmission technology, data mining, intelligent transportation, smart agriculture industry segments covered, future policy is expected to remain in the field of transportation, electricity, health care, retail and other industry applications will support, but support with the largest sensors, radio frequency identification chip and system-on-chip and other basic industries.

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